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New Arrivals -

3 Chamber Inline Bubbler
4.5" Custom Glass Hand Pipe with 12 Marbles
Ashctacher with Black Showerhead 14F -14M
4.75 Pink Glass Hand Pipe with Beautiful Flower Ribbons
14MM Quartz Male Banger 90 Degree
18MM Quartz Male Banger 90 Degree
5" Assorted Chillum Jumbo Color Changing
5.5" Handmade Green Pickle Hand Pipe
5" Adjustable Glass Blunt with Latticino Tip
Metal Grinder 4 part With Catcher 100 mm
6" Assorted Banger Hanger Water Pipe with 3 Ring Showerhead and Color Trim
3.5" Double Braided Ribbon Frit Hand Pipe with Clear Mouthpiece
4.5" Teardrop Hand Pipe with Moon Surface Bowl and Double Knockers
ZX02 - Black
4.5" Heavy Bear Claw with Dichro and Gold Fume and Marbles
10" Pit Bull Double Disc Zong Water Pipe 18MM Black
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