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New Arrivals - Torches and Lighters

Carbon Fibre Pattern Coated Torch Lighter Oval Shape with New Designs
6" Blast Torch - Solid Black with Red Trim
6" Blast Torch - Black with Gold Trim
6" Blast Torch - Solid Black with Silver Trim
6" Blast Torch - Solid Black with Blue Trim
6" Blast Torch - Metallic Red with Bronze Trim
45 Degree Angle 5" Scorch Torch Single & Double Dual Function Capability
Scorch Torch Rocket Torch Assorted Colors
Scorch Torch Easy Grip 45 Degree Push Button /Hold
Easy Grip Torch Lighter Assorted Colors 12pcs per Display
5.5" Torch 90 Degree Scorch Torch with Metal Base Assorted
6.75" Torch Scorch Torch Blast X- Series Floral Graphics Patterns Assorted Colors
Torch Scorch Table Torch 45 Degree with Gun Trigger Assorted Colors
Torch Scorch X Series 5" Force Deluxe Standing Torch Assorted Colors
Torch Scorch Torch Straight Up type with Easy Grip Handle and Assorted Colors
7" Torch Scorch Torch Chrome with Color Trim and Chrome Base
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