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New Arrivals - Water Pipes

8" Waterpipe with Blue Showerhead
8" waterpipe with Teal Showerhead
8" Waterpipe with Green Showerhed
8" Double Gear Twin Lev Perc Water Pipe with Color Tube
8" Wide Mouth Cylinder Waterpipe Slime Showerhead
10" Zong Waterpipe Slime Tube
6" Waterpipe Curved Neck Mint with Purple Trim Showerhead
8" Thick Glass Waterpipe With Large Bell Showerhead
8" Thick Glass Cylinder Waterpipe Satellite Showerhead
8" Oval Mouth Beaker Waterpipe with White Base
6" Waterpipe Curved Neck Color Trim Lip with Showerhead
6" Bell Shape Waterpipe with Color Tube
6" Bell Shape Waterpipe with Gear Perc
6" Color Neck Waterpipe with Clear Base
6" Curved Neck Waterpipe with Color Base and Lip
6" Waterpipe with Ball Showerhead Color Base Neck Trim
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