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Custom Pipes

3.5" Heavy Thick Glass Egg Shape Hand Pipe with Dichro
 USA Jumbo Scorpion Hand Pipe approx 9" Long
USA Custom Triple Spiked Snake Oil Bubbler
5" Triple Knocker Bent Tube Hand Pipe
USA Heady 4" Custom Ribbed Hand Pipe
USA 4" Custom Chillum with 3 Knockers
USA Heady Custom  5" Sherlock Pipe
4.5" Custom Spotted Frit Hand Pipe
USA Spotted Slime Green Color Sherlock
 5.5" USA Custom Sidecar Oil Rig
USA Assorted 4" Custom Chillums with large bowl
USA 3.5" Custom Chillum with 3 Rings and a Funnel Bowl
5" Heavy Hand Pipe with Full Ribbons , 2 Jumbo Knockers , and Frit Bowl
USA 5" Slime Green Hand Pipe with Knockers on the Crown  
4.5" Designer Sherlock Hand Pipe
5.5" Glass Hammer style Hand Pipe
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