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Oil Rigs and Dab Tools

6" Oil Rig with Inline Perc
5.5" Blue Stem Oil Rig
18MM  Hammer 6 Arm Concentrate Pipe
Assorted Candy Cane Glass Dabber
10MM Pendant Oil Rig  
USA Custom Dragon shaped Oil Rig Bubbler
2 Chamber Double Bubbler Oil Rig
6" Stubby Thick Glass Water Pipe
6" Barrel Rig Waterpipe with 14mm Bowl
6" Double Ring Oil Rig 18 MM  
14 MM Oil Rig with S Shape handle
Spacewalk Glass UFO Glass Dabber
Assorted Glass Pencil Dabber
8" White Rocket Perc Oil Rig 18MM
Sword Glass Dabber
9" Oil Rig with twin Parrots Perc
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