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Water Pipes

12" Double Wheel Showerhead Beaker Water Pipe Jade Green and White Trim
12" Pit Bull Water Pipe with Triple Axis Filtration System Slime Color
TB04 - Jade Green
8" Assorted Color Honeycomb Water Pipe with Color Base Trim 14mm
8" Beaker Water Pipe with Smoke Black Color Trim
12" Yellow Beads Waterpipe with Inline Showerhead and Hydrant Perc 18MM
15” Pit Bull Honeycomb to Tree Water Pipe 18mm Smoke Black
7" Smoke Water Pipe with UFO Satellite Showerhead
7" Green Water Pipe with UFO Satellite Showerhead
9" Hexagon Shape Beaker Water Pipe with Diamond Cut Showerhead
8" Wide Base Water Pipe with UFO shaped Satellite Broad Orb Perc 14MM Pit Bull Glass Cup Bowl Cup Bowl
Pit Bull Glass 8" Thick Straight Base with Orb Perc Water Pipe
6" Barrel Water Pipe with Mod Art and Curved Handle 14mm
Pit Bull Glass Water Pipe 15" Double Tree Perc Blue
12" Beaker Waterpipe with Floral Gold Trim .
8" Water Pipe with 6 Arm Tree Perc Spiral Curved Neck with Black Trim
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