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10" Barbell Oil Rig with Bue Trim Base

Part #: 44093

10" Barbell Oil Rig with Bue Trim Base
Part #: 44093

10" Barbell Oil Rig.Clear Barbell shaped Oil Rig with Blue Glass trim on base . The 9” Dumbbell Oil Rig is the perfect piece for those who like to exercise from the couch. It uses its dual chamber to produce some truly heavy dabbing experiences in a distinctive shape that adds a new dimension to any glass collection. Forged from top grade heat-resistant glass, this concentrate pipe is made to feel the burn and come back for more. foundation, this dab rig stands at a respectable 9” tall. 

  • Height: 9" inches
  • Size: 14mm
  • Material: Glass
  • Style: Dumbbell
  • Type: Concentrate pipe
  • Color: Blue Trim Base 

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