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10" Pit Bull Double Disc Zong Water Pipe 18MM Red

Part #: 10-307Red

10" Pit Bull Double Disc Zong Water Pipe 18MM Red
Part #: 10-307Red

Follow the curves of this 10” Double Disc Zong Water Pipe to find your pot of gold (or, in this case, green). This distinctive bong features a unique zig-zagging body that houses a duo of disc percs for super smooth hits. The bowl extends out from the bong to add plenty of space to your comfort zone. A sun-kissed Red coloring accentuates the base as well as a mouthpiece that’s pivoted for your comfort. An 18mm glass bowl piece is included. Height: 10" inches Size: 18mm Material: Glass Style: Double Disc Zong Type: Water pipe Colors Available: Yellow, Red, Turquoise , Slime  

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