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10” Pit Bull Orb Perc Water Pipe 18mm Black

Part #: 10-303Black

10” Pit Bull Orb Perc Water Pipe 18mm Black
Part #: 10-303Black
The 10” Pit Bull Orb Perc Water Pipe uses a distinctive orb percolator to smooth out your bong rips in style. The fashion and function of the orb perc are exact but there’s a lot more to this beautiful bong. It features a pivoting mouthpiece, so you don’t have to strain to get those silky-smooth hits. The bowl extends out from the high-quality, heat-resistant glass bong, giving you some much welcome space when lighting up. An 18mm glass bowl piece is included. 
  • Height: 10" inches
  • Size: 18mm
  • Material: Glass
  • Style: Orb Perc
  • Type: Water pipe
  • Color : Black

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