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10" Pit Bull Tapered Water Pipe 18MM Blue

Part #: 10-305Blue

10" Pit Bull Tapered Water Pipe 18MM Blue
Part #: 10-305Blue

The 10” Pit Bull Tapered Water Pipe features a large tapered chamber housing a percolator to help smooth the edges of your bong rips. Cool, refreshing coloring accentuates the base and the lip of the mouthpiece, keeping the visuals as soothing as the main event. The bowl extends out from the body of the bong, giving you plenty of breathing room. This top-grade borosilicate water pipe includes an 18mm glass bowl piece. 

  • Height: 10" inches
  • Size: 18mm
  • Material: Borosilicate
  • Style: Tapered
  • Type: Water pipe
  • Color Blue

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