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2" Assorted Silicone Carb Caps

Part #: SWP146

2" Assorted Silicone Carb Caps
Part #: SWP146

These Assorted 2" Silicone Carb Caps are a fantastic accessory for any of your dab or oil  rig needs. All of the are made of food grade silicone so it’s ideal for low temperature use . These 2″ long Silicone Carb Cap will  work with dab units up to 30mm wide and does create an air tight seal which lets you fully enjoy your legal concentrates. They are shipped in an assortment of colors and patterns from our California USA warehouse . Your customers will enjoy using these and will last a very long time with out worry of breakage . Your store retail pricing should be approx $9.95 each piece . This item is being offered to you in packages of 20pcs per order at a sale price of $0.75 each to allow the retailers to earn bigger profits and retain your customers. SPECIAL PRICE 20 pcs =$14.95 TOTAL  . 

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