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4" Heavy Dotted Hand Pipe

Part #: 5945

4" Heavy Dotted Hand Pipe
Part #: 5945

4"  Hand Pipe with Blasted Frit on the mouthpiece and the bowl . This heavy dotted hand pipe has a very unique look and feel . This is a true "Frit Fusion" hand Pipe with Marbles Marbles Marbles. These marbles add to the looks of the pipe and also make it very comfortable to grip .  The Heavy Dotted Handle Hand Pipe 4" is created with fused materials and vitreous substance, this pipe is one item you can't resist to not add to your collection. With its chaotic, fancy swirls, deep and wide bowl, 4"inches long, small enough to fit in your pocket. Each pipe is handmade and has its own unique look.

  • Length: 4" inches
  • Material: Hand-Blown Glass
  • Style: Dotted
  • Type: Hand Pipe


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