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5" Assorted Chillum Jumbo Color Changing

Part #: 6366

5" Assorted Chillum Jumbo Color Changing
Part #: 6366

Utilizing the convenience for travel and potency of a chillum pipe these long 5" Jumbo Chillum are a unique addition to your glass collection. The comfortable shape lends itself to a comfortable and improved grip. Crafted from heat resistant borosilicate glass, these 5” glass chillum pipes are designed for frequent use. Like other chillums, you can count on them to make more from less, delivering huge heavy hits every time.

  • Lengh: 5" inches
  • Material: Glass
  • Style: Jumbo Assorted Chillums 
  • Type: Hand pipe
  • Color: Assorted Color Changing 

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