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5" Dichro Hand Pipe SPECIAL BUY 6pc $3.45

Part #: 5307

5" Dichro Hand Pipe SPECIAL BUY 6pc $3.45
Part #: 5307

.5" Dichro Hand Pipe with Frit Multi Ribbon Stripes and 4 Marbles. This is modern art in action as each of these 4.5” glass pipes comfortably cradle in your hand with gliding smooth contours. Crafted from high quality heat resistant glass, these 4.5” Dichro Frit Hand Pipes make quite the statement. SPECIAL BUY 6pcs =$3.75 while supplies last 

  • Length: .5" inches
  • Material: Glass
  • Style: Dichro 
  • Type: Hand pipe
  • Color: Assorted

  Assorted Colors . 

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