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5.5 " Super Heavy Frit Hand Pipe

Part #: 22040

5.5 " Super Heavy Frit Hand Pipe
Part #: 22040

5.5 " Super Heavy Frit Hand Pipe.    This Rasta Hand Pipe  creates cosmic juxtapositions of eye-catching color. Colors with subtle Rasta-inspiration are collected in psychedelic fritted patterns at the bowl while the body gives way to bold expanses of color. Knockers add a sense of symmetry at the bowl, aiding in the easy handling of these glass pipes. Measuring at 5.5”, these are generously sized hand pipes that are still easy to conceal for your discretion. Top quality borosilicate is fashioned into the classic spoon pipe shape for premium reliability.  

  • Length: 5.5" inches
  • Material: Glass
  • Style: Rasta Frit
  • Type: Hand pipe
  • Color: Rasta

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