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7" Double Tube Recycler Water Pipe Rig 14MM

Part #: 77040

7" Double Tube Recycler Water Pipe Rig 14MM
Part #: 77040

The 7” Recycler Waterpipe Rig presents potent plumes for your dabbing pleasure. Smaller dab rigs pack the heaviest hits and this recycler measures a mere 7”. It’s crafted from top of the line borosilicate for prime heat resistance. A simple recycler perc gives you just enough diffusion for a premium experience without any overkill. The deep color veneer perpetuates an enigmatic sense of sophistication. Each of these concentrate pipes includes a 14mm matching bowl. 

  • Height: 7" inches
  • Size: 14mm
  • Material: Glass
  • Style: Recycler Water Pipe 
  • Type: Concentrate pipe
  • Color: Available in Blue , Smoke Black , Green , Teal , Amber .  

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