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7.5" "The Whistler" Water Pipe 14mm with Red Trim

Part #: 6517 red

7.5" "The Whistler" Water Pipe 14mm with Red Trim
Part #: 6517 red

The 7.5”  “The Whistler” Water Pipe is a cherry red beauty molded from top quality borosilicate glass. Just try not to turn your head and whistle when this pretty water pipe catches your eye. A voluminous chamber houses a percolator for beneficial diffusion, lending to potent yet silky rips. The beveled neck  stretches up to a fiery red mouthpiece, matching the glass pipe’s base and the knockers adorning its bowl. The result is a comfortable smoking experience from a reliable water pipe that will earn it a place of esteem in any glass collection. 

  • Height: 7.5" inches
  • Size: 14mm
  • Material: Glass
  • Style: The whistler
  • Type: Water pipe
  • Color: Red

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