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Ash Catcher with 6 Slit Grey Tube 14MM / 14MM

Part #: 99018

Ash Catcher with 6 Slit Grey Tube 14MM / 14MM
Part #: 99018

The 90° 6 Slit Grey Tube Ash Catcher is the ideal attachment piece for your water pipe, producing purer hits and the convenience of an angled joint. This ash catcher features a 14MM joint pivoted at 90° allowing for a convenient smoking experience. A single 5 slit grey tube uses prime diffusion to make even the roughest of hits marvelously mellow. Forged from top notch borosilicate, the 90° Ash Catcher is designed for frequent use. 

  • Height: 4.5" inches
  • Size: 14mm/14mm
  • Material: Glass
  • Style: 6 slit  tube 
  • Type: Ash catcher
  • Color: Grey

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