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Heavy Fumed Thick Ribbon Hand Pipe 4.5"

Part #: 6287

Heavy Fumed Thick Ribbon Hand Pipe 4.5"
Part #: 6287

4.5" Heavy Fumed  Hand Pipe.  It is an old twist on a new style  . It has thick ribbons throughout and 3 Bear Claws with 2 wrap around fingers on the handle for comfortable grip. It also has Brigh Bold Rasta Stripes up and down the handle . Very strong thick glass with 2 Jumbo Knockers for balance and comfort grip  on the side of the bowl carb is on the left  . 

  • Length: 4.5" inches
  • Material: Glass
  • Style: Cat Paw
  • Type: Hand Pipe
  • Color: Assorted Rasta 
  • Custom Crafted

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