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Stubby Metal Cigarette Pipe

Part #: 6112-2.5

Stubby Metal Cigarette Pipe
Part #: 6112-2.5

Metal Cigarette Pipe 2.5" size . 

 Metal Cigarette Pipe 2.5" Size . This metal cigarette pipe is shorter than  tobacco cigarette. The colors are the same white with tan filter color. We made this size a little shorter for easy to conceal and travel. We also have a dugout that this size fits perfrect for taking with you to a friends house or an event . The  metal pipe is crafted with metal to for easy packing and smoking your favborite buds same as any chillum one hitter . . .

  • Length: 2.5" inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Style: Cigarette
  • Type: Novelty pipe
  • Color: White / Amber

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