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Specials on Hand Pipes

5" Adjustable Glass Blunt with Latticino Tip
3.5" Double Braided Ribbon Frit Hand Pipe with Clear Mouthpiece
USA 7.5" Steamroller with Legs,Eyes,Tentacles,and a Tail
2 pc Acrylic Grinder
USA Custom Octopus Hand Pipe
6 " Heady Torpedo Hand Pipe
4" Candy Cane Striped Hand Pipe
4" Cosmic Swirl Ring Hand Pipe
2" Stubby Chillum
5" Glow in Dark Cranium Hand Pipe
3.5"  Egg Hand Pipe with Blue Glass Bowl
5" Dichro Hand Pipe SPECIAL BUY 6pc $3.45
3.5" Frit Dichro Hand Pipe with Marble on Bowl
3.5" Assorted Frit Fusion Egg Hand Pipe with 3 Knockers
4" Dichro hand Pipe

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