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14MM Silicone Honey Straw with Silicone Wax Dish
4" Assorted Silicone Hand Pipe with Glass Screen Storage Compartment and Poker Tool
10" Straight Tube Waterpipe with 3 Balls Color Tube and Showerhead
6.5" Custom Octopus Hand Pipe
2" Metal Bat Pipe 1 Hitter  
Assorted Candy Cane Glass Dabber
10MM Pendant Oil Rig  
14MM Quartz Female Banger 90 Degree
4" Turbo Torch Lighter heavy duty with CNC Metalic Coated Handle
18MM Quartz Female Banger 90 Degree
item # 9109 4" Turbo Torch heavy duty with CNC Rubber Coated Handles
4.5" Skull Spine Glass Dabber 
USA 8" Steamroller with Legs,Eyes,Tentacles,and a Tail
5" Frit Bubbler
9" Blue Bubbler with Big Dog Showerhead 18MM
USA Custom Heady Pipe Creature from the Deep
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