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Hand Pipes

3.5" Hand Pipe with Marble Knocker and Full ribbons
Heavy Fumed Thick Ribbon Hand Pipe 4.5"
5.5" Custom Sherlock with Spikes and Marbles
5" Fancy Spiral Rope Lizard Custom Hand Pipe
4.5" Custom Glass Hand Pipe with 12 Marbles
3.5" Double Braided Ribbon Frit Hand Pipe with Clear Mouthpiece
6" USA Custom Sherlock with 6 Claws and 17 Marbles
3.5" Gold Fume Tiger Stripe Hand Pipe with 3 Knockers
6" Sexy Lady Gold Fume Hand Pipe
4.5" Multi Color Frit Spoon Hand Pipe with Freckled Bowl
3.5" Outside Chillum with 3 Marble Knockers
4.5" Silicone Hand Pipe with Cat Face on Bowl
4" Color Tube Sherlock Hand Pipe with Cartoons
4.5" Silicone Chillums and Nectar Collector Dab Straw
4.75 Pink Glass Hand Pipe with Beautiful Flower Ribbons
Heavy Brick Rocket Shaped Solid Hand Pipe with Ribbons and Silver Fume
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